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Immigrants' records 1801-1871

Naturalization case papers 1801-1871
Naturalization case papers 1801-1871
Source: nationalarchives.gov.uk
As I try to track down the original owner of my Oshawa home, built around 1850 - I have been combing thru old directories, censuses, Oshawa history books and more.

Now I have a new tool to check - immigration records!

I can find out exactly when Henry Bennet came to Oshawa to sell my land to Frederick Ives, which was part of his wife's dowry.

According to National Archives UK:
"The records of thousands of 19th century immigrants to Britain are now available to search and download online."

These papers are now available online for the first time!

SEARCH: Birth Records | Marriage Records | Obituary Records | Death Records | Cemetery Records

What are these records?
These are naturalization petitions completed by individuals applying to become British citizens between 1801 and 1871.

The records include:
• all naturalization applications to the Secretary of State, 1844-1871
• some nationalizations by private Act of Parliament, 1801-1868
• some letters applying for denization, 1801-1840

Denization entitled people to certain rights, but not the full rights of a British citizen.

These naturalization and denization papers make up The National Archives' series HO 1.

What information do they contain?
Until 1844 naturalization was an expensive procedure which few people could afford. Therefore you can often find applications from royalty.

These case papers can provide quite detailed information on the applicant.

They may contain the following information:
nationality - profession - family details - birth date - birth place - year of arrival into the UK- address of the applicant - character reference(s)

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