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House Histories: Athol and Albert Street West

Image: 28A Albert Street, Athol and Albert Street West, Oshawa, Ontario. Photo Credit: © Catherine McDiarmid-Watt
28A Albert Street, Athol and Albert Street West
Photo Credit: © Catherine McDiarmid-Watt
On the 1850's map of Oshawa, Athol Street begins at Union Street and ends at Mary Street - which was the edge of Oshawa village at that time.

According to the 1877 Historic Map, this part of Oshawa Village originally belonged to a Mrs. Whitelaw.

Checked the 1866, 1869 and 1871 City Directory of East Whitby, but there are no Whitelaws listed.

But in the 1851 Whitby Twp, Ontario Census there was a William Whitelaw, 35 years old, single, labourer - born in Scotland, Presbyterian. It is possible William moved to Guelph, the 1871 Census has a William Whitelaw of the correct age - 56 years old, born in Scotland, Presbyterian.

QUESTIONS: Why is the land only in Mrs. Whitelaw's name?
Where did Mrs. Whitelaw live?

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Image: Oshawa Village Town Plan. Drawing credit: © Catherine McDiarmid-Watt
Oshawa Village Town Plan
Drawing credit: © Catherine McDiarmid-Watt

Lot 10, Athol and Albert West:
According to the Oshawa Village Town Plan, there was a Lot 10 on the North West corner of Athol and Albert Street. Today an apartment building - Durham Region Non-Profit Housing Corporation - sits on that lot, located at 28A Albert Street.

According to the Oshawa Census of 1879, the Morrison family lived on Lot 10, Athol and Albert West:
Thomas Morrison, Jane, Mary, John, Janet, James and a second James.

Canada Census - 1871:
Thomas got married and started a family!

Thomas Morrison - 28 years old, Birth Year (Estimated): 1843, Boiler Maker
-- Place of Birth: SCOTLAND, Religion: Presbyterian, Ethnic Origin: SCOTCH
Wife: Jane Morrison - 23 years old, Birth Year (Estimated): 1848
-- Place of Birth: SCOTLAND, Religion: Presbyterian, Ethnic Origin: SCOTCH
Son: Donald Morrison - 1 year old, Birth Year (Estimated): 1870

Canada Census - 1881:
The Morrison family grew!

Thomas Morrison - 39 years old (b.1842 - possibly d. 16 Nov 1917), Boiler Maker
-- Place of Birth: Scotland, Religion: C. Pres, Nationality: Scotch
Wife: Jane - 33 years old (b.1848, possibly Jana Brown)
-- Place of Birth: Scotland, Religion: C. Pres, Nationality: Scotch
Children: Thomas - 11 years old (b.1870, Ontario)
Jennie [Janet?] - 7 years old (b.1874, Ontario)
Henry - 5 years old (b.1876, Ontario)
Annie - 2 years old (b.1879, Ontario)
May - 1 month old (b.1881, Ontario)

QUESTIONS: I wonder why some of the children were not listed on the 1879 Oshawa Census? Thomas Jr. would have been 9 years old, Henry would have been 3 years old. And where is Donald, who was listed on the Canada Census of 1871?
Where are Mary, John and James, listed in the Oshawa Census of 1879?

Canada Census 1891:
According to the 1891 Census, the Morrison family lived in a brick one and 1/2 story house with eight rooms - was this the house on Lot 10?

Not all the birth years match up, but I think this is due to errors, because otherwise it seems like the same family, with a few new children.

Thomas Morrison - 47 years old (b.1844, Scotland), Boiler Maker
Wife: Jane - 42 years old (b.1849, Scotland)
Children: Thomas F. - 20 years old (b.1871, Ontario)
Jane [Janet?] - 17 years old (b. est. 1874, Ontario, possibly Jane Craig born 26 Nov 1873),
Harry [Henry?] - 15 years old (b.1876, Ontario)
Annie - 13 years old (b. est. 1878, Ontario, possibly born 18 Oct 1878)
Mary [May?] - 10 years old (b.1881, Ontario)
Isabella - 8 years old (b.1883, Ontario)
Fred - 4 years old (b. est. 1887, Ontario, possibly Frederick John b. 24 May 1886)
Marion - 1 years old (b.est. 1890, Ontario, possibly born 20 Jun 1889)

Canada Census 1901:
There is only two Morrisons listed as living in Oshawa Village. This Jane Morrison doesn't appear to be from the same family - her days and birth place do not match up. They appear to be lodging with the Sayyal family.

Jane Morrison - 28 years old, married (b.1872-11-09)
Place of Birth: England, Religion: English, Relationship: Lodger, Immigrated: 1876
and her daughter Gertrude - 1 year old (b. 1900-01-21)
Place of Birth: Ontario, Religion: English, Relationship: Daughter

Canada Census 1911:
There appears to be no Morrisons living in Oshawa.

Image: Front cover of 1921 Oshawa Phone Directory
1921 Vernon's Oshawa Directory
Public Domain: Copyright Expired
In the 1921 Vernon's City of Oshawa Directory, there is no listing for 28 Albert Street, but between King Street and Athol Street on Albert there is:
20 Albert Street - David Moffatt
32 Albert Street - Sadie Brooks (widow of Arthur Brooks)

In the 1923 Vernon's City of Oshawa Directory, there is more details about their lives:
20 Albert Street:
- David Moffatt, homeowner, works at McLaughlin Motor Co.
- Leat Moffatt, teacher at King Street School
- Meredith Moffatt, student

32 Albert Street:
- Sadie Brooks (widow of Arthur Brooks), homeowner, works at O'Keefe's Brewery
- David Miller, boarder, proprietor of Regent Box Lunch

In the 1924 Vernon's City of Oshawa Directory:
20 Albert Street:
- David Moffatt, works at General Motors, homeowner
- Meredith Moffatt, clerk for Pedlar People
- Orme Moffatt, salesman for J McGill

32 Albert Street:
- Sadie Brooks (widow Arthur), homeowner

In the 1926 Vernon's City of Oshawa Directory:
20 Albert Street:
- David Moffat, works General Motors, homeowner
- Meredith Moffatt, clerk at General Motors
- Orme Moffatt, clerk at J C McGill

32 Albert Street:
- Sadie Brooks (widow Arthur), homeowner

Image: front cover of 1928 Vernon's City of Oshawa Directory
1928 Vernon's Oshawa Directory
Public Domain: Copyright Expired
In the 1928 Vernon's City of Oshawa Directory, there is a new street number:
20 Albert Street:
- David Moffat, elevator man General Motors, homeowner
- Bessie Moffat (wife)
- MeredithMoffat, clerk General Motors
- Orme Moffat, clerk J C McGill

22 Albert Street:
Phone 1400. Specializing in Commercial Printing, Including Office and Factory Forms, Folders, Booklets, Catalogues, Direct Mail Advertising.

32 Albert Street:
- Sadie Brooks, (widow Arthur), homeowner
- Norval Mitchell, printer
- T. Hudson, works as a moulder at Fittings Ltd

In the 1929 Vernon's City of Oshawa Directory, looks like David Moffat has sold his home:
20 Albert Street:
- Walter H Holley, district agent Loyal Protective Ins Co, homeowner
- Mary Holley (wife)
- Peter Holkema, mechanic General Motors
- Oscar Phillips, works General Motors
- William Phillips, works General Motors,

22 Albert Street:
O M Alger president, H P Phin secretary-treasurer, Job Printers and Publishers

32 Albert Street:
- Sadie Brooks, (widow Arthur), homeowner
- Charles Daley, works General Motors
- John Sonley, labourer

I will continue to update this page as new information comes in. Do you know anything about the history of Lot 10, Athol and Albert West? Please share!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little history of Lot 10, Athol and Albert West. I look forward to researching another house or lot in the Village of Oshawa soon.

PLEASE NOTE: My house histories are for entertainment only. Although I do my best to be accurate to the best of my abilities - I make no guarantees. If it is important to you that the information is 100% accurate, I have included my resources so you can research further on your own.
However, if you do find any inaccuracies in my post, please let me know! I always appreciate being given the opportunity to correct any errors!

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