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Oshawa Street Names

Image: Map of Oshawa: ca. 1850. Source:
Map of Oshawa: ca. 1850
Public domain: Copyright expired.
Street Name Changes:

McGregor/Grigor Street is now called McGrigor Street
Base Line now called Bloor Street
Peto Street has become part of Albert Street
Jackson Street has become First Street
Brassey Street is gone
Union Street (off King) has become Queen Street
Oak Street has become John Street East
Metcalf Street has become Metcalfe Street
Pine Street has become Hemlock Avenue
Charles Street is gone below Bruce Street
Ontario Street (off Centre) has become part of Gibbs Street
Gibbs Street (off Mill Street) has become St. Lawrence Avenue
Alice Street has become Adelaide Avenue
Church Street (north of King) has become part of Centre Street North
Mechanic Street became MacMillian Drive
Duke Street became part of Richmond Street West
Louisa Street became part of Adelaide Avenue West
Helena Street is now gone
Carolina Street is now gone
Edith Street is now gone
Part of Mill Street became Oxford Street
Pearl Street became part of Mill Street

Oshawa Village Street Names
Agnes Street
Albany Street
Albert Street
Alice Street
Ash Street
Athol Street
Avenue Street
Bagot Street
Base Line
Bond Avenue
Boundry Road
Brassy Street
Brock Street
Bruce Street
Carolina Street
Celina Street
Centre Street
Charles Street
Church Street
Colburne Street
College Avenue
Cubert Street
Duke Street
Edith Street
Elgin Street
Elm Street
Emma Street
Fairbanks Street
George Street
Gibbs Street
Hall Street
Helena Street
Hillside Avenue
Jackson Street
John Street
King Street
Lloyd Street
Louisa Street
Mary Street
Maple Street
McGregor Street
Mechanic Street
Metcalf Street
Mill Street
Monck Street
Nassau Street
Oak Street
Ontario Street
Pearl Street
Peto Street
Philips Place
Pine Street
Prince Street
Prospect Street
Quebec Street
Queen Street
Richmond Street
Royal Street
Simcoe Street
St. Lawrence Street
Tresane Street
Union Street
Victoria Street
Wellington Street
William Street
Wood Street

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